Italian Food: What You Need To Know (29)

Italian food is something that many, many people enjoy. And even if no one else ate it, I would could eat it just about every day of my life. Being that my grandmother is from Italy, I was able to enjoy many authentic dishes regularly and it really spoiled me to the cuisine and made my pallet quite picky. Here are some of the best things about Italian Food that you need to know.

First of all, bread is a staple in authentic Italian meals. The bread may be served before the meal with oil and herbs. Or, bread may be enjoyed with the main dish or even as part of it. Dishes such as pizza, calzone, or stromboli start out as dough, or bread.

Another important thing to know is the cheeses used in Italian dishes. Along with bread, there is a lot of cheese used in the recipes. The cheese is typically white, such as mozzarella or parmesean.

There are a lot of vegetables used in Italian foods. While many times the main vegetable is tomatoes, there are also onions, eggplant, garlic, and others used to give the dishes their delicious flavors (I think I’ve tasted the most delicious Italian food in Miami, Brickell Italian food).