Here are Dos and Don’ts When Touring the Grand Canyon


There are a few dos and don’ts that you must follow when visiting Grand Canyon National Park. Following this will guide will help you make the most out of your trip of the Grand Canyon!

  • Do not go anywhere without water

As the Grand Canyon covers up to 1 million acres of land, it becomes all the more necessary to be prepared at all times. Hiking trails may take hours to complete. The temperature may go to an extreme 104F during hot summer days. In order to avoid exhaustion and dehydration, it is highly advised to bring ample water supply. If possible, do bring a water filtration system that will allow you to use water found within premises.

  • Don’t attempt to hike from top to bottom in one day

The immense size and the challenging terrain of Grand Canyon makes it impossible, even for expert hikers, to complete the hike from top to bottom of the canyon in one day. The last thing that you want is feel exhausted and tired at the end of the day. You need to take it slow if you are on a hiking adventure. Be prepared as you are most likely to camp at sundown. There are many campsites across the Grand Canyon so you need not worry about getting lost during your adventure.

  • Do bring your own food supply

Restaurants and café are scattered throughout the Grand Canyon, but only a few o them are worth going to. Apart from the bad quality of food items, the merchandise inside Grand Canyon National Park is expensive too. If you want to save cash without spoiling your adventure at the Grand Canyon, be sure to bring your own food supply. Pack food items that are easy-to-prepare and are compact. In this way, you won’t run out of food if you are thinking of camping overnight.

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